The Man from Madras Musings is aware that the telecom companies are in a bad way, what with the petrochemicals magnate muscling in on their territory and creating chaos. Several of the lesser players have shut shop and the two remaining biggies of the old guard are struggling to stay afloat. In such a situation it is but natural that service has slipped to the level of the old Government run telecom company, which by the way is no better and if anything on even more slippery ground. MMM, being acquainted with some of those in the senior echelons, is not surprised.

Anyway, dropped calls are the order of the day. One moment you are merrily chatting to someone and in the next there is dead silence. Redialling will usually get you the response that the number you are trying does not exist. Trying again will be met with the message that the subscriber is busy, which is probably the truth, for the poor soul is clearly trying your number. Connection is established after a while, only to drop a few minutes later.
Matters have come to such a sorry pass that MMM is not even getting those massage parlour messages any longer. He trusts that the girls who were supposedly sending them are all well – you know how it is with pen pals- even if you have never met them a sort of bond develops when you keep receiving communications.

Anyway, that is beside the point. What is certainly a fact is that the massage ads have stopped and MMM wonders if there has been a moral cleanup of sorts, a kind of swacch message/massage. But he need not have worried. Just the other day he received two gems which he is happy to share-

Get a service and drop your name & number in the Magic Bowl & you can be the selected one to get a free service worth Rs 1,000 this 2020.

This message by itself in MMM’s view sets the new year on a different note. MMM wonders as to what service is being spoken of and the imagination boggles. But the next one is even better.

Hi, I’m Neha – Are you Feeling alone in your life? For Datting, Chatting, Friensihp. Please call.

The spellings are all as received and MMM would seriously like to know what is Datting. He also approves of its alliteration with chatting. In short, all is well with 2020 when there are people like Neha to help.

A friend however has fared even better. The following messages come to her cell phone and MMM reports them with a twinge of jealousy

Beautiful lady wants to enjoy and full time romance, guys meet & d@ting with E@rn 25k per date. call now SONAM / MAHI 

And then no doubt, as a natural corollary –

100% पुरुष गुप्त रोग का इलाज

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