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29. Paul Hector Pandian was Speaker of the TN Assembly and most famously declared Janaki Ramachandran the Chief Minister. He is from Tirunelveli. Not far from his village is the Divya Desam of Sri Vaikuntham, where the Perumal has the nickname of Pal Pandian.

30. Thirumalai Nayak was so taken up by the legend of Andal that he built two temples of her favourite deities in the outskirts of Srivilliputhur. These are the temples to Venkateswara at Thiruvannamalai (not the famed Agni kshetram but a small hillock near Srivilliputhur) and Azhagar in the forest ranges just outside Srivilliputhur. He of course greatly expanded the temple to Andal-Rangamannar adjacent to the Vatapatrasayee temple.

31. Thirukannapuram Souriraja Perumal gets pongal each night.

32. Bhikshandarkoil/Uthamarkoil/Thirukarambanur has sanctums to each of the Trinity and the respective consorts.

33. Thirumalai Nayak built his summer palace at Tirumalirumcholai aka Azhagarkoil.

34. Ambikapathi’s father, the poet Kamban, was born at Therazhundur

35. Alagappa Iyengar and Srinivasa Iyengar, two brothers of Seevaramangai/Vanamamalai/Nanguneri composed several beautiful songs, many made famous by Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar. For some reason these are now known as Vanamamalai Jeer compositions.

36. Thiruputkuzhi has a mechanical horse whose limbs can move. This is used as a vahanam on special occasions.

37. Azhagar sports all 10 avatars in one night during his famed annual journey to Madurai.

38. Periyazhar imagines Thirukoshtiyur to be Gokulam and says that when Krishna was born the locals sprayed oil and fragrances on each other thereby making the floors very slippery.

39. Lala Todar Mal, an agent of Aurangzeb is shown with wife and maid at Tirumala and standing alone at Srirangam

40. The lord has a scar on His forehead at Thirukannapuram owing to a devotee throwing a plate at Him in anger for His apparent failure to prevent an invasion.

41. The Saraswati vs Perumal saga is at various Divya Desams – you have Thiruvehka, Thiruthanka, Ashtabhujakaram and Thiruvattar.

42. All three temples are in Thanjavur on the banks of the Vennar. They are adjacent to each other. Thanjai Yali was sung on by Bhoothathazhwar, Manikunru by Nammazhwar and Mamanikoil by Thirumangai Azhwar.


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