Continuing with our series from here

29 -Continuing after a brief break – this former Speaker of TN Assembly has a name that is homonymous with the nickname of this deity. Name and kshetram pls

30 – 30 – three temples with deities named after those in three other Divya Desams surround this Divya Desam. All for a devotee to pray. Where? Which are the three? Who is the devotee?

31 -Since it is morning, let us add an appropriate question related to breakfast in our -31- where is Pongal served to Perumal at night? Clue – let us not split hairs over what type of Pongal, etc

32 – 32 – the Trinity and their consorts all have individual sanctums in this Where? Rather aptly, the place has three names.

33 –  -33 – Tirumalai Nayak built his summer palace here. Where?

34 – 34 – Ambikapathi’s father was from this village. Which one?

35 Now let us move on to Q 35 in our – two brothers endowed this village with immortality as far as Carnatic music is concerned. Which village? And how are their songs collectively referred to?

36. 36 – Keelu Gurram is a hit Telugu movie from the 1940s. But long before it, a Divya Desam made the central concept famous. Which one?

37 – 37 – in one night, Perumal here sports all the ten avatarams. Where?

38 – 38 – on this special occasion the floor of this Divya Desam became extremely slippery. When? Where? Who said this?

39- 39 – in Tirumala he is depicted flanked by two women, in Srirangam he stands alone. We are not talking Perumal here but a devotee. Who?

40 40 – Scarred on the face and hurt in the toe by Bhishma’s arrows at Thiruvallikeni, hurt on the chin by Anantalwar at Thirumala, bearing burn marks from the sacred fire at Athigiri…the Lord puts up with a lot. Where does He have a scar on his forehead?

41- 41 – apparently the angry Saraswati challenged Perumal at  Divya Desams other than Thiruvehka. Where?

42 42- one river, one town, three temples with an Azhwar singing on each. Which river and what town? Which are the three temples and who is the Azhwar for each?


Answers will be published tomorrow.