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Entrance to Appakudathan Koil

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15.Let us look at some Sanskrit in our #DivyaDesamQuiz. Which 14th century Sanskrit hymn links the following in a journey to Lanka?

Sesha Peetham (Srirangam)

16.No less than three temples, of which Thiruvehka alone qualifies as a Divya Desam, claim the legend of Vishnu lying across and controlling the flow of the river Saraswathi. Which are the other two? Hint: one has the name of a heavenly Divya Desam.

17.The one shrine where the Perumal stands while the UbhayanAcchiyArs are seated is?

18.The village was known as Srirangam’s foot & the deity as one who is on the other side of/inside the Cauvery. This led to corruption of the name to justify which the moolavar underwent a transformation. Name the village, the deity’s 3 names, & transformation.

19.These two Divya Desams, one of the Lord reclining and the other standing, are in upper storeys, the lower ones in both being shrines to Narasimha. Which ones?

20. Here the Lord does nothing while His five weapons and flames from Adi Sesha take care of two demons. Where?

21. Realising that the first three Azhwars congregated at one place, the Lord decided to join them. Where?

22. Andal asks for the cooling Tulasi from this deity to be placed on her tresses to soothe her.

23. The Utsava Murthy here is known simply as the Friend. Where?

24. The ThAyAr here sent Perumal on errands with instructions that he could not come back emptyhanded. Where? What was he to bring? And from whom?

25. Perumal here is seated with a hand on his lap indicating that we his children could sit on it. Which kshetram is this?

26. The naivedyam here is ideal for high blood pressure patients.

27. This Azhwar has the same mount as Kubera. Who is this?

28. Moving on to lesser figures in our #DivyaDesamQuiz – In Srirangam she sits, while in Athigiri she stands. Who are we referring to?

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