In the last week I have been posting some questions on Fb & Twitter on the subject of Divya Desams, a topic in which I am very interested. I have been amazed at the quick responses and corrections I have been getting. It has only increased my desire to know more. I am sharing the first 14 questions here. Answers will be put up tomorrow.

  1. Which is the only temple where the two utsava ubhaya nacchiyars are not mirror images but identical replicas of each other (flower in same and not opposite hands)?
  1. Which temple has small (6 inches) but exquisite figurines of the deities of all other Divya Desams in themanDapam facing the Perumal? Clue: think ThAyAr
  1. The one shrine where Perumal stands, sits, reclines and walks?
  1. It is said that nobody has ever looked behind this huge deity. Legend has it that the sea has a connection to the sanctum over there. Where?
  1. This sanctum to the beauteous being has an exquisite black granite carving at the entrance of Jakkulu Nayak and his wife prostrating. Where?
  1. The two sthalams with the same purANam of Jatayu moksha are?
  1. One of Muthuswami Dikshitar’s disciples was from here. Name the kshetram
  1. Let’s have a question on ThAyAr for a change – She has a verse in Her praise by VaLLalAr Ramalinga Swamigal. Where?
  1. As Yathothkari He got up, left, and returned at the behest of Thirumazhisai Azhwar. Where is He just in the process of getting up at the request of the same Azhwar?
  1. Fronting this magnificent reclining deity is this equally magnificent pavilion called Gopala Vilasam replete with wood carvings. Where?
  1. This 3-tiered temple in each of which the Lord is enshrined, is rich with carvings from the Vijayanagar/Nayak era. One solitary piece is of a monkey leaping down. The vimana is regularly visited by simians too. Where?
  1. The Dasa Koota venerates Nada Brahma at Pandharpur, Anna Brahma at Udupi and Venkateswara at Tirumala as?
  1. Aeons ago you stood at …….
    You sat at ……..
    And lay down at ………..
    Then I was not born
    Once born I realised
    That you stood, sat,
    And lay down in my heart

– Thirumazhisai Azhwar

Fill in the blanks

  1. Which 14th century Sanskrit hymn links the following in a journey to Lanka?

Sesha Peetham (Srirangam)

Answers are here