What can I say? All I could do was feel grateful to be able to see this procession.

Kapaliswarar VrShabha vAhanam, 2017
Close up of Kapali/Somaskanda with Skanda on his lap
Karpagambal on gold VrShabham, 2017
Ganesha, Kapali VrShabha vAhanam, 2017
Singaravelar, Kapali VrShabha vAhanam 2017
Just before He danced, Kapali VrShabha vAhanam 2017

The number of songs for which the Lord danced was more this year. We had For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow, an unidentifiable melody, Nama Sivaya and English Note.

Many years ago I wrote a piece on my emotions when I saw this dance. I still feel the same way.

An avoidable item is a very anaemic and wholly unnecessary Bharata Natyam done behind the deity. Those children must have woken up at some ungodly hour. Nobody sees it anyway. And what is it in front of Kapali’s performance?