It has been ages since I saw the Kapaliswarar temple’s procession on the 4th evening of its ten day festival. This is when Kapali comes out on the Naga Vahanam – silver at least till the 1990s and now gold. And so last night, on an impulse, Sarada and I set out to see it.

Kapaliswarar Gopuram lit up for the Panguni Uthhiram

This is a procession that leaves the temple at 9.00 pm and we thought we would be among a few to witness it. On reaching there we found several others who had come there on the same impulse. Of course the crowds were nowehere comparable to what we will see on the 7th day – ther or 8th day – arupathumoovar.

Singaravelar on the Mesha Vahanam

We reached just in time to see Singaravelar leave the Gopuram

Kapali on Naga Vahanam

I love the rakish angle in which the Lord keeps his leg and the athletic grace with which he wields the silver bow.

Karpagambal on Kamadhenu

Note the tiger cub drinking milk from Kamadhenu.

Being a goddess must be tough. There are also sights like this to be endured:

What Karpagambal saw

I trust the man was suitable attired on the inside also. The gaze of the other priest makes me doubtful.