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  • Walking With Kapali #PanguniUthiram

    Walking With Kapali #PanguniUthiram

    The Vrshabha Vahanam is a highlight of the ten day Kapaliswarar Temple Panguni Uthiram festival. Join Sriram V on March 15th at 10.00 pm for a tour.

  • Kapali VrShabha vAhanam

    Kapali VrShabha vAhanam

    The 5th evening’s procession at the Kapali temple, when the Lord comes out on the silver bull, concluded this morning with the customary Kapali dance.

  • Vrshabha Vahanam 2013

    Last night’s vrshabha vAhanam procession culminated this morning at the 16 pillared pavilion on Sannadhi Street outside the Kapaliswarar Temple. Let me begin with Chandikesha whom I saw first Then I saw Kapali and was reminded of the line uttunga kamanIya vrSha turangam from Dikshitar’s cintaya mAkanda mUlakandam After that, Karpagambal thath paschath Singaravelar and…