After a minor recession, the list is once again booming. Wish the economy would also do so 🙁

1. Devan and his Tuppariyum Sambu says Neeraja
2. and adds Bhagyam Ramaswami the creator of Sita Patti and Appuswami (also Rasagundu, Bheema Rao, Gita Patti and Pattigal Munnetra Kazhagam). It is a man incidentally and he is happily with us.
3. Artists Maruti
4. and Silpi says Neeraja again, in which case would add
5. Gopulu
6. Mali
7. Sama
8. Vani
9. Urmila wants Gandhi statue and
10. Triumph of Labour as well and if so we need to add
11. Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhury
12. The Government College of Arts and Crafts
13. Panicker
14. and Cholamandal that his disciples formed
15. Schmidt Memorial and Elliots Beach I realised have not made it so far
16. and missing also is Kakda Ram Parshad from Mint Street, the famed eatery
17. What about Gangotree?
18. Arasi fumes that Vidyodaya has been left out among schools as has
19. Sarada Vidyalaya
20. From the distant US of A, Girish has sent quite a list, several of which are repeats but some aren’t and we start from Otravadai theatre on Wall Tax Road, which is also suggested by Arasi who is also in the US of A
21. SV Sahasranamam
22. RS Manohar
23. GK Vale
24. Amrutanjan
25. Moore Market
26. Murray’s Auction House
27. JP Chandrababu
28. Hamilton Bridge aka Ambatta Varavadi aka Barbers Bridge
29. Kothamangalam Subbu
30. Urmila suggests we include Madras Checks and Bleeding Madras
31. Englebert Humperdinck
32. Arasi wants Dr Rangachari added and asks if his statue is intact outside GH. It is.
33. She also adds S Ambujammal
34. I would add Kiran Rao’s Amethyst as it gave us a new meaning for old buildings
35. Closely on its heels came Chamiers run by Mathangi
36. The Madras Book Club is an icon today
37. Then what about the old Clubs – Madras Club
38. Gymkhana Club
39. Madras Cricket Club
40. Madras Race Club
41. Mylapore Club (adding only because Karthik Bhatt would otherwise be angry)
42. Presidency Club
43. Sastry Hall said someone and I bow my head in salute to that hallowed hall of music
44. The great parks – Nageswara Rao, Robinson (Anna), Napier (May Day), Nehru, Tiru Vi Ka, Panagal, Natesan.

45. The Rajah of Panagal
46. Halda – that forgotten typewriter company
47. The Oceanic Hotel
48. Sun TV
49. Ayothi Das Pandithar
50. The Tambaram Sanatorium

Yeppadi? More to follow…