Wow! Never thought it would make it this far. And I love the way people have responded

1. Tweeter @extragaaji recommends the Landmark Quiz
2.Gayathri Krishna says I must have the Royal Madras Yacht Club, second oldest in India
3.Madhushekar sends a whole list several of which are repeats,but I will select Jammis Liver Cure,
4. MIT
5. and Amir Mahal
6. Today I attended a presentation on Radio FM and remembered Caranavalli Krishnaswami Chetty, father of the radio in India
7. and if so, his father Thaticonda Namberumal Chetty has to be included and then
8. the whole community of Arya Vaisyas. As I say, no Chetty = no Chennai
9. hkv reminds me that sage Valmiki worshipped here
10. I would also add Sakkarai Ammal, the 20th century mystic
11. Raji Ganesh says Fruitnik but her suggested Kali Mark soda is from Kumbhakonam
12. Urmila sends some excellent entries, first of which is Pettai Rap
13. the second being Gaanaa
14. She also adds some sports personalities – Mariya Irudayam, carrom champ and
15. Manuel Aaron, chess champ
16. I would like to include TT champ V Chandrashekhar whose career was blighted by a knee surgery at a city hospital that is also on this list
17. by that I dont mean GH, in place since 1755, and most unnecessarily renamed as Rajiv Gandhi Hospital
18. Isabel Hospital is a must include
19. As is the Veterinary College, now TANUVAS
20. King Institute is a must I think
21. Urmila also sends Colorplus, India’s first smart casual clothing range launched in 1993 she says. I am not too sure of the ‘first’ tag.
22. What about Coimbatore Thayi who inspired a French composer?
23. We must have Kakkan, that epitome of honesty
24. Another Urmila add – MB Srinivasan and the Madras Youth Choir
25. Karthik Bhatt and Viji Ganesh suggest Thenkachi Swaminathan
26. Viji also wants to include Kripananda Vari
27. Handel Manuel and
28. Subbu Arumugam
29. On the same musical note Ashwin Bhandarkar would like to have Kollangudi Karuppayi added
30. The Peter in me adds the Madras Musical Association and
31. Musee Musicals
32. The Karnatic Music Book Centre
33. The Ramanujan Museum in Royapuram
34. Girish’s list has Kuruvilla Jacob of MCC
35. Can we have Buchi Babu of cricket fame?
36. And his protege – C Saraswathi Bai the first woman Harikathakar?
37. Old DK Pattammal I would also throw in for good measure
38. Dr KN Kesari of Kesari Kuteeram and Lodhra
39. Thomas Fiott de Havilland – who gave us Mount Road, St Andrews Kirk and St George’s cathedral
40. Grundfos – whose office is India’s first green gold LEED rated building
41. Guindy Industrial Estate – India’s first
42. Nannan – the Tamil teacher on DD (Viji’s suggestion)
43. Puram wants Alladi Ramakrishnan and if so we must have
44. MatScience also
45. There has been a steady demand for Malai Murasu, Urmila leading the pack
46. Shanti Ranganathan’s TTK Hospital for alcoholism and other addiction
47. Banyan
49. Hindi Prachar Sabha
50. (sadly) – the concept of self immolation for all dumb causes