Google informs us that this how Madras Musings is written in Chinese

And no, this is not a Covid story and you don’t need to wear a mask or be vaccinated to read this. The Man from Madras Musings had if you recollect in an earlier instalment of this column written about how this old magazine is now read in far off lands such as China. From Chennai to China has been such as exciting journey for us.

Readers from there have been sending kind enquiries asking if we at MM would be interested in various things ranging from IC engines to lawnmowers and even standing wheelchairs, whatever they are. Readership is evidently growing, for now there are more such enquiries coming in. MMM reproduces what has been received as it is for what it is worth – 

Hi Editor

What do you think about single cylinder engine cover products?

Our company focuses on manufacturing engine parts provider, with a wide range of products and sufficient supply, we can support customization, OEM and samples.

Main series: Heavy Kang K19.K38-K50-QSK19-NT855, QSN14, engine,engine components, cylinder head, valve, oil pump, intercooler core, piston ring, cylinder block, flywheel housing, booster, fuel pump, valve spring, valve upper and lower seats, valve locking clip, connecting rod, crankshaft and so on.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our products.

Sincere greetings

Ms.Zhou (Salesman)
Chongqing Jiadi Power Machinery Factory

A week later, the office was abuzz with one more mail from China. This time it was from someone wanting to know as to whether we at Madras Musings had found a satisfactory supplier of engine parts. MMM was really touched at the concern. Imagine going about life without a reliable supplier of engine parts. And then came the assurance – 

Every product of our company has passed the international quality test, our company has excellent design team and support custom service, you can inform me your needs, we come to provide high quality environmental protection equipment products.

At this rate, MMM may soon succumb and order an engine part or two. Watch this space for more on our growing readership in China.

This article appeared in Madras Musings dated May 16th, 2023 and can be read here