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Each morning, on arrival in office, the Man from Madras Musings opens the Madras Musings email and runs his eye over what has been received. There usually will be an article or two for consideration, an application or two for internships, a complaint or two regarding non-receipt of MM issues, an intimation or two regarding change of address and occasionally, a word of praise for what is being published in the magazine. But of late the nature of email has changed. And become more interesting to boot. 

The first in this series was from China, the country from where interesting things usually emerge though they are not always welcome. Ms Liu Zhillin writes to MMM informing him that she has seen the MM website and found it interesting and that her area of interest is “ ict fct fixture/fixture parts/test machine in Shenzhen China. Including Sweep floor machine Test equipment and Test Fixture.” She then goes on to add that if there is anything that she can do to support, she will be glad to do so. The mail did not state it so explicitly but it would seem that out there in China there are people for whom MMM’s lightest wish is a command. MMM wondered if Ms Zhillin would like to become a corporate contributor or at least a subscriber to MM but then reluctantly decided against pursuing the matter further. 

MMM had hardly seen off Ms Zhillin when he received an email from Ms Zhou of the Chongqing Jiadi Power Machinery Factory. She would she said, like to hear MMM’s advice regarding his mention of importing single cylinder heads and assembly cylinder heads for engines. She was curious  as to what advice MMM had for someone who is new to exporting engine parts she added. MMM had nothing to say in reply, beyond hoping that whoever it was that was getting into this trade would have all good luck. The next was from Simran of New Delhi who in Hindi said she was looking for a standing wheelchair and so could MMM please send her samples of what he had to offer. Here is to Simran getting well soon and being able to walk without support but beyond that MMM regrets that he cannot send her the ‘standing walawheelchair’ that she needs. 

All MMM can do at this point is to take cheer in the fact that his readership is increasing in leaps and bounds in faraway lands. It is time to ponder over whether the magazine needs a Scandinavian edition.