I was sent this WA forward by my dear friend Ramanan Vembu. The Bengali original is an audio by one Sumit Bandhopadhyay – I tried to search for an online link to the person behind this beautiful work and the rich baritone but I could find none. I am giving an English translation below for the benefit of my non-Bengali knowing friends. This is as much a work of genius as any film of Ray’s was. The audio can be heard on this Facebook link.


Owing to the fear of Corona, the whole world (Apur Sansar) is at a standstill.

To remain victorious (Aparajito) stay confined within the limits ( Seema Baddha) of your pleasure room (Jalsaghar). To keep shuttling between the home and the world (Ghare Bhaire) is to invite trouble. No touchstone (Parash Pathar) or goddess (Debi) can save you from this hazard. Even hailing the Lord (Jai Baba Felunath) will not bring forth a hero (Nayak) to save you. In this situation is it wise to end your account (Samapti) with the world’s postmaster (Postmaster). You will not find anyone even to perform rites for your salvation (Sadgati). Corona like a silent arrival (Agantuk) has come with extended secondary and tertiary branches/variants (Shakha Proshakha). In this forest of people (Jana Aranya) it will be a blunder to take an enemy (Pratidvandhi) like Corona lightly. In this situation it is best not to embark on journeys to Kanchenjunga (eponymous film) or Jaisalmer (Sonar Kella) singing wayfarers songs (Pather Panchali) on the way. There is trouble in the direction of Sikkim (eponymous documentary) and so sitting at home you are thinking of going to the zoo (Chiriakhana)? Don’t stir out of the house to become an enemy to the people (Gana Shatru). On the other hand sit at home and in the afternoon watch films like Hirak Rajar Deshe or Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne. Is there any meaning to embark on an expedition (Abhijan) and come back with illness replete with distant sounds of danger /thunder (Ashani Sanket) my dear sir? If you fall victim don’t you lose the jewel (monihara) that this world is? For these few days allow the flowers and fruits to grow day and night in the forests (Aranyer Din Ratri). Stay at home with your wife (Charulata is used as a name here). Don’t wander in the metropolis (Mahanagar) and be brave. Only then will it be understood what a strategist/chess player (Shatranj ke khilari) you are. Only that will establish who is a coward and who is courageous (Kapurush/Mahapurush).