1. How did you get it?

2. Which version have you got?

3. What are your symptoms ?( and then before the answer comes proceed to list all the symptoms you had)

4. Do you know so-and-so died of it last week? He/she was perfectly ok in the morning and by evening they had to call the Sastrigal.

5. Are you checking saturation? Many of these gadgets show wrong reading by the way.

6. You should have thought of your aged mother before you went out and got this. How careless can you be?

7. Have you tried having rasam?

8. How are you feeling now (every one hour on WhatsApp)

9. Just be positive (that is what I am you &@%#*^)

10. Do you know there are people who don’t recover from the after effects for months on end?

11. I hope you did not tell anyone you got it? (Why? Is it the same as gonorrhoea?)

12. Have others in your family got it? Anyway they will. (What reassurance)