The following are the updates in the latest issue of Madras Musings:

Editorial – How smart are smart city projects?

Lead – The Implications of One Nation, One Poll

Pavithra’s Perspective – The lonely gate at the Museum Theatre 

Lost Landmarks – The first Ayurveda Hospital in the city 

Profile – Painless Surgery on a Mesmerised Patient – by Ramya Raman and A Raman

Tamil Journalism and its Political Leanings – Mrinal Chatterjee

Falling in love with Chennai – part 1 – Shreesh Chaudhary

Sport – Madras Man watches 1983 WC final at Dadar Station – Vasantha Manickam

Short and Snappy – in which the Man from Madras Musings walks down the Marina and learns more about its statues.

Quiz – by VV Ramanan