Kiosk on Gandhi statue, Marina beach

The Man from Madras Musings notes that there has been a considerable effort on the part of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India (the State counterpart in MMM’s view does nothing) to put explanatory notes on the various statues dotting the beach. These are on handsomely designed kiosks, with the front having the text in Tamil and the rear in English. There is of course no standardisation by way of positioning of the kiosks and most are at all odd angles and often behind trees and bushes, thereby necessitating your being a yogic expert to be able to read all that is written. And that is where MMM has his principal objection, for much of the text appears to have been cribbed from a junior school primer.



When you write about historic personalities, you begin by stating their time period. Not so here, and no kiosk, not even that of the Father of the Nation has dates. This is surprising for the granite pedestals of each of the statues carries the details and even the most cursory searches on the Internet, from which most of India gets its history and historians these days, would have revealed the same data. As for the biographical details, they are the most pedantic and have in some cases left out some of the most significant contributions of the person.

Avvaiyar Statue kiosk

The text for Kamaraj has no mention of his contribution to making Tamil Nadu an industrialised State. It on the other hand highlights that he was known as the Kingmaker in Indian politics during the 1960s! The most significant detail about the Lighthouse is that it has an elevator! MMM provides alongside some of the kiosks so that you can read them and get an idea.