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43 – Komalavalli is the name is Thiruvidanthai and Thiruvehka. In recent times we have had another Thayar of the same name but let us leave that aside.

44 – The three Pallava shrines that get grouped together are Ooragam, Padagam and Thiruvehka.

45 – Naimisaranyam has an Ahobila Mutt with an identical icon. One of the jeers of Ahobilam attained Mukti there and the idol is in his brndAvanam.

46 – Desika refers to Shri Kalahasti and Thirukacchi Ekambam (Ekamranatha Swami temple) in his Hamsa Sandesam

47 – Doddacharyar links Sholingur (Ghatikachalam) and Athigiri. The story is long to relate here. Dikshitar refers to him in his Narasimha Agaccha (Mohanam) in the line Suruchira karigiri vichara varada.

48 – A Shaivite priest worships the Lord at Nilathingalthundam, which is inside the Ekamranatha Swami Temple, Kanchi.

49 – Kalvar Peruman shrine, inside the Kamakshi Amman Temple at Kanchi is a Divya Desam. It is a pillar with an icon of Vishnu and is referred to in Dikshitar’s Kamakoti bila Hari nuta kamalE in kAmAkshi varalakshmi (bilahari)

50 – Saligramam in Muktinath. All Divya Desams will have a Saligramam or two, many have them in hundreds. The Lord is adorned with a salagrama garland in many places as well.

51- Thiru Evvul (which room) also known as Thiruvallur. The deity Vaidya Veeraraghava came to visit the sage Salihotra and asked as to where he was to stay.

52 – mAyanai mannum vaDa madurai maindanai is the 5th Thiruppavai. It therefore speaks of Mathura.

53 – Senkamala Thayar is in standing posture at Thiruthangal.


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