I forgot that I had not added the questions 43 to 53 in the blog. And so here goes –


43. The Goddess is Komalavalli in Thirukudanthai. Where else does she have the same name?

44. Three shrines in Kanchi, all of them Divya Desams and all of them grouped as Pallava shrines based on the size of the deity. They are grouped together in poetry too. Name them.

45. The Malola Narasimha of Ahobilam is very well known. In which other Divya Desam will you find an identical replica of this processional icon?

46. Vedanta Desika’s Hamsa Sandesam, indirectly refers to two Padal Petra Sthalams as well. Name them.

47. One devotee, not an Azhwar, links two Divya Desam and Muthuswami Dikshitar describes the connection in a song. Name the devotees, the two kshetras and the kritis.

48. Historically, as we know from a pasuram, the 3,000 Diskhitars worshipped Govindarajan in Thiruchitrakootam in Chidambaram. Where else do we have a Divya Desam where worship is by a Shaivaite priest (not Shakta or Namboodiri)?

49. Just a passing reference to a shrine in a pasuram can raise the place to a Divya Desam. This shrine is one such. It is also given passing mention in a Muthuswami Dikshitar kriti on another deity. Which is the Divya Desam and which is the song?

50. Some of this Divya Desam are at all other Divya Desams. What?

51. He checked into this Divya Desam and asked where His room was. Where?

52. The 5th of the Thiruppavai mentions this Divya Desam. Which one?

53. The Thayar here is in standing posture as she is in Nachiyarkoil. Where?