Last year I was commissioned by the family of the eminent lawyer, Habibullah Badsha, to annotate, edit and bring out as a book his memoirs. When Mercy Seasons Justice is the result. This was released yesterday – 30th Dec 2018.

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The Hindu
Habibullah Badsha (1933-2017) was one of the leading lawyers that embellished the High Court of Madras. Born into a very well known family of the city, he chose to make a life of his own in the legal field. The way he argued on behalf of his clients, the manner in which he presented cases at the Court and above all, the firm belief he had in the dictum that truth will always triumph, made him one of the most respected members of his profession. Even his opponents in the courtroom readily acknowledged his integrity and his unfailing courtesy. In an increasingly aggressive age, Badsha stood for old world values.

The circumstances of his marriage to a Hindu made news in the 1960s. Belying all critics, he and his wife Shyamala had a long and happy married life. It was a union among equals and can be held up even today as a textbook lesson on how religious boundaries can be transcended. Between them, Habibullah and Shyamala raised a family of three children, who today carry forward their parents’ values.

Badsha made a mark in social service as well. Several organisations that serve the needy and downtrodden have benefited from his time, advice and generosity. He also helped many deserving people in his individual capacity.

Such a life, an exemplar for most of us today, is documented in this book. May it serve as a beacon for all his family members and future generations to come.