Sanjay Subrahmanyan, pic courtesy The Hindu

Today is Sanjay Subrahmanyan’s concert at the Music Academy, an annual event that is always a high point in the December Music Season calendar. These are the navarasas/emotions of his fans –

bhayam – what if tickets are not available?

raudram – on coming to know that the Academy does not sell tickets on Sanjay Day

shrngAram – enticing looks at the Secretary who they (mistakenly) think has oodles of tickets

vIram – that courage that makes them think that somehow they can get a ticket

kAruNyam – the feeling the patron row members have towards donor members, who in turn feel the same way about the life members (upstairs), who reciprocate by expressing compassion to the ordinaries who literally suspend themselves from the ceiling. And then all of these have compassion on the mini hall gang that watches on LCD. As for those who don’t get tickets, praying to Nandanar is a good option.

bhIbatsam – at those strange people who have no idea about a December Music Season, leave alone a Sanjay performance

hAsyam – at those who go to other concerts on this day of days

adbhutam – when suddenly they do manage to get a ticket

shAntam -that emotion when you are in the hall and the curtain is about to rise.

See you there you 1499 lucky people (I will be the 1500th).