I am a day late in entering this. But I nowadays get so many calls asking for the dates of various vahanams and the timings that I thought it would be best to put it up here. I have also hyperlinked some of the vahanams to photos of past festivals so that those who have not seen this temple festival will know what is missed. So here goes:

Monday Apr 3 – 9.15 am – Surya Prabha, 9.00 pm – Swami on Chandra Prabha, Amman on parrot, Singaravelar on Hamsam

Tuesday Apr 4 – 6.00 am – Swami on Adhikara Nandi, Amman on Gandharvi, Singaravelar on Gandharva, 9.00 pm – Swami on Bhoota, Amman on Bhootaki, Singaravelar on Tarakasura

Wednesday Apr 5 – 9.15 am – Swami on Purushamrgam, Amman on lion and Singaravelar on tiger,  9.00 pm – Swami on Naga vahanam, Amman on Kamadhenu, Singaravelar on Ram

Thursday Apr 6 – 8.30 am – Five deities in simple pavilions, 10.00 pm – VrShabha vahanam

Friday Apr 7 – 10.30 pm – Elephant vahanam

Saturday Apr 8 – 6.15 am – Car festival

Sunday Apr 9 – 3.00 pm – Arupathumoovar, followed late at night by Chandrashekara on horse

Monday Apr 10 – 6.30 pm – BhikShATana

Tuesday Apr 11 – 7.45 pm – Tirukalyanam

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