One of the most enduring and endearing features of this festival is the role of the angel. This is a small idol of the traditional cupid (wings and very little clothes) and in its outstretched hands it carries a vessel.

As Kapali moves down the four streets, He halts at various places and these halts being well defined over time, temporary pavilions are erected at these spots. Ropes are let down from the tops of these pavilions and at each place the angel is strung on to the ropes. The faithful place flowers in the vessel and then the angel is swung at the deity using the ropes. The swinging is repeated four or five times with each swing being greater in momentum. In the final swing, the flowers are showered from the vessel on to the deity.

I caught this action in my fairly ordinary camera yesterday. It is a very crude shot and the flowers are showered on Ganesha and not Kapali. But it gives you an idea.