And so Chief, here we are, on our 25th anniversary. Congratulations to you and as several in the city and elsewhere acknowledge, had it not been for you, we would not have become so conscious of our heritage. Those in administration from what MMM understands also agree to this, only they are rather petulant about it. Their attitude to heritage has always been akin to what Henry II felt about Thomas Becket if you recall. And MMM must say they have been doing a great job of ridding themselves of all heritage buildings.


But be that as it may, MMM would like to join in the chorus of congratulations. On this occasion, MMM would also like to remember Chief, your own good lady, who always took a keen interest in matters pertaining to Madras Musings. She it was you will recollect who would always notice when we made a mistake in the issue number of our publication and both you and MMM would tie themselves into knots in response and perspire freely from every pore. And that brings MMM to the quarter million dollar question Chief, are you quite sure it is our silver jubilee? No chance of any errors in number? All right Chief, you can relax, it was only a rhetorical question and one that MMM owed your good lady. We have over the years after all been very factual except when it comes to our dates. Remember the time Chief when we published the date of some event in the Dates for Your Diary section as February 30? MMM believes that a group of our faithful readers is still out there somewhere lost in a calendar, trying to locate the venue.


But then again, it feels as though it was only yesterday that all of us embarked on this journey, led by you. In all the thanks that you poured forth Chief in the last issue you forgot one significant contributor – namely the postman and his Department of Posts. They too in MMM’s view deserve our gratitude though we have looked askance at their methods of delivery. But it cannot be denied that amidst flood, sunshine and heat, they have borne aloft our MM and ensured it reached the wide readership. Talking about them always makes MMM laugh – for it was they who ensured we made our free magazine into a paid one. And it was rather befitting Chief that they flung a rather moth eaten Act, one that pertained to the 1800s, an era that our publication is rather fond of, to tell us that we could not circulate freely. We did change thereafter and our faithful readership did not mind forking out some money.


And so here’s to you Chief and the beloved publication. May there be golden, diamond and platinum jubilees and after that centennial, sesquicentennial and quasquicentennial celebrations. MMM has reached the limit of the words he knows for landmark anniversaries Chief but he is sure that Madras Musings will last for many years after these as well. And so, ladies and gentlemen, a toast, to our dear Chief and our Madras Musings! As these are days when prohibition is being thought of MMM raises his glass of buttermilk in a toast. Or should he opt for palm toddy? On that happy note, let us proceed to other matters.