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  • “Why don’t you…?”

    “Why don’t you…?”

    From restoring Fort St George to buying Adyar Gate hotel to taking over TVS Gopal Bagh- these are some of the things that some people imagine the Man from Madras Musings to be capable of. If only this were true …

  • A Farewell to our Founder

    A Farewell to our Founder

    The editorial of Madras Musings in the special issue dedicated to its founder, S Muthiah.

  • Madras Musings will go on

    Madras Musings will go on

    The careful man that he was, S Muthiah made sure that there was a team in place that would carry Madras Musings forward after his demise. And so doomsday prophets can rest.

  • Bye Bye Chief!

    Bye Bye Chief!

    In the chorus of tributes to S Muthiah, aka The Chief, the Man from Madras Musings adds his –

  • Muthiah, the Complete (?) Works

    Muthiah, the Complete (?) Works

    An attempt to compile the list of books S Muthiah wrote is quite a challenge, chiefly because he never believed in publicising what he did.

  • A Tribute on TV for S Muthiah

    A Tribute on TV for S Muthiah

    There was a televised tribute to S Muthiah last week. The link is provided below.

  • S Muthiah – Many Tributes

    S Muthiah – Many Tributes

    This week and the next is going to see a lot of tributes from me to the Chief. It was a long association of twenty years.

  • An Anniversary To Remember

    An Anniversary To Remember

    And, so, Chief, the task was done. The Man from Madras Musings alludes to the celebrating of 25 years of ye olde magazine aka Madras Musings. People are still talking about the event. You were, of course, in your element as Cecil B DeMille, commandeering diverse teams of authors, editors, printers, page setters and a…

  • Down Silver Jubilee Way

    And so Chief, here we are, on our 25th anniversary. Congratulations to you and as several in the city and elsewhere acknowledge, had it not been for you, we would not have become so conscious of our heritage. Those in administration from what MMM understands also agree to this, only they are rather petulant about…

  • 25 years of Madras Musings

    25 years of Madras Musings

    Time for us to pat ourselves on the back. Madras that is Chennai turned 375 a couple of years ago. Fort St. George attained that venerable age last year. We don’t know how old Mylapore, Tiruvallikeni and Tiruvottriyur are. We do know that the High Court of Madras turned 150 in 2012, the Madras Chamber…