Which is deadlier? The aggressive mother or the smooth-talking father of the aspiring musician? The former waylays you at public places while the latter corners you at official events, always ready with a printed invite for the apple-of-their-eye’s performances. On such strong efforts are great stars built. And then there are the phone calls from Daddy’s secretary asking for your email ID, a second call asking if you received the e-vite and a third asking if you are coming for any of the apple’s performances. On each performance day (thankfully not many), you brace yourself for a reminder call.

After the Season you have the reproachful look to bear, the more direct “Oh you are a big man, you wont come for apple’s concerts” and then the final woe-begone “If people dont encourage apple, what future will apple have?”

Appaala, there is the hopeful smile and the renewed threat. “Dont worry, I understand, you must have been busy. But now apple has many more concerts off season. Will send you details.”