Pranab comes to Chennai

And so Pranab has begun his Presidential campaign from Chennai. The Hindu and the TOI state that he begins with the blessings of M Karunanidhi. As to how an avowed atheist can bless is a bit of a puzzle. But we will leave that aside.

Pranab meets Karuna

The State Cong, never known for much, swung into action and put up a number of posters. Being good South Indians, they had trouble with Pranab’s name. Surnames always being something of an alien concept here, his Mukherji proved a puzzle. After all, in true Cong style you had to have a ji as a suffix to indicate proper respect. But what of someone who already had a ji in his name? And so many posters referred to him as Pranam Mukherji Ji. A sort of Ji squared if you get my point. Others played it safe by referring to him as Pranab ji.

A few adventurous ones decided to go Bong. They (and rashly without consulting me) decided to use the suffix da, indicating that he is a brother. But here again, which da to use became a puzzle. Several called him Pranab Dha.

But just praising Pranab ji or dha was not enough. You had to indicate warmth in your welcome. So some “heartly” welcomed him and others, a step ahead, “whole heartly” welcomed him. Sounded a bit cardiac, especially the second one. Several posters declared him to be the muppadai thalaivar (Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces) and some also said he was “our” Future President of India. That I assume means he is the Cong’s idea of President.

But what is Pranab without Soniaji and her babyjis blessings. So all posters on Pranab Ji/Dha Mukherhji Ji also had smaller photos of Soniaji or Mummy Ji along with Baba Ji Ragul Ji or Amul Baby Ji as Achyutanandan once called him. Some also had pics of Baby Ji or Priyanka Ji, who incidentally is mother of two babyjis. We only missed son-in-law ji Robertji Vadra. One poster said that success was the hallmark of Soniaji. As to whether that success is purely in a personal capacity I am not qualified to comment.

Some posters also had a blue-turbanned Sardar in them. As to who he is, I am yet to fathom. Anyway hats off to the Cong/UDA for announcing someone and getting on with the matter. Their opponent, the B(ickering) J(ostling) Party and its N(ever) D(ecisive) Alliance has come up with zilch so far.


One response to “Pranab comes to Chennai”

  1. Arasi Avatar

    So, Chennai ‘wholesome heart’ly welcomed the future president (??), calling him by many names which resemble his name?
    I have to ask my friends who are not from the sub-continent to stop apologizing about their not being able to spell or pronounce our names correctly. I have to tell them that they fare far better than the locals.
    Hope we get a super president like Kalam–the gentleman (truly so) who among his other abilities wields the kalam so well.
    I also hope that the leading lady at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan does not parade around in pradas 😉

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