The above address as you can see says Ramakrishna Madam Road, which unfortunately conjures up visions of a road named after a lady who once ran a disorderly house in the vicinity. Several years ago Sringeri devotees took umbrage when the road along their establishment was named Sringeri Madam Road. An alternative may be this:

Sringeri Madam also became Sringeri Mutt. But then Mutt means something else also 🙂 So in some places we see the usage of Math also. But does that not mean something else, though complimentary? The whole problem comes from the usage of a Sanskrit word which can be written in English as Muthum (with the th being the hard pronunciation). But muthum in Tamil means a kiss! So can we then have it as mudum with the u pronounced as in mud? But a mudan (with the u pronounced as oo) is a fool. In Tamil Madam/Math/Mutt/Mudum road should actually be madachalai, which means fools road. And so what do we write? Any ideas?