I was in Pune for a day yesterday and it is a city I like. It is is rich in history, heritage buildings, not yet as crowded as Chennai or Mumbai and the weather is good, be it summer, monsoon or winter. I also love traditional Marathi cuisine. Yesterday I went for a longish walk in the morning and took some pics of a few heritage locations. So here goes-

A magnificent art deco building near the station- Ibrahim Mansion 1939

I dont know what building this is. It is on Sadhu Vaswani road

Pune District Administrative offices. I could not get a full view as a whole lot of people were staging a sit-in dharna! Interestingly, the board in front says it is the office of the Adhikari and the Danda Adhikari! In Tamil Danda has a different meaning.

This is the closest I could get to the Sasoon Hospital. I wouldn’t want to get any closer anyway.

First World War Memorial