Has this ever happened to you? Considering that it was a presentation on heritage, it was perhaps appropriate. Last evening I went to inaugurate the exhibition at Studio Palazzo. My presentation was on Robert Fellowes Chisholm, the architect who gave Indo-Saracenic Architecture its present form. Just as I was about to begin the power failed. Which meant the projector did not work. Since it was a tiny hall, the audience and I decided unanimously to dispense with the LCD. All I had to do was to turn the laptop to face them and begin the talk.

It was like the Black Hole of Calcutta and I dripped all over the laptop. To cap it all my glasses misted over and I could barely see what key I was pressing and finally used my cell phone display to illuminate the keyboard on the laptop. The presentation got over and the power came back almost at once. So I ran the photos through once again on the LCD. It was certainly a unique experience. Chisholm would have understood. God knows how may drawings he made by lantern and candlelight.