Last evening, 16th August, Mohan Raman spoke of JP Chandrababu, the comedian of yesteryears and to whom credit goes for introducing Madras Bhashai to films. Mohan showed several clips and made it a very good experience. There was a huge audience turnout (in Chennai Heritage terms that is – 100 people). Nobody left till the end. For some of us it was tharai ticket as we were short of chairs. At the end, I was left with mixed feelings – awe at Chandrababu’s talents and a feeling of great sadness over such a brilliant life cut short. Sridhar Joshi has reviewed the talk here –

The Park had put out a good spread but what with some of those who came to listen choosing to dine rather than having high tea by the simple expedient of hogging whatever was available (one man more or less cornered the market for chocolate cake; must be having a digestion of cast iron), some had to go hungry.