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  • When Alwarpet had Law Courts

    When Alwarpet had Law Courts

    Remembering the Sudder Adawlut that functioned from Alwarpet

  • The Truth About JJ Road

    The Truth About JJ Road

    Who exactly does JJ Road commemorate? The mystery deepens and MMM investigates.

  • Kind-to-poor and idol thefts

    Those who lived next to or close to Kind To The Poor are stunned. They claim that he was to them always a kindly man, rather true to his name and now they find from the newspapers that he was rather big in the world of idol theft. Many have made their calls to the…

  • What I learnt from the Heritage Walks


  • Madras Week 2012 – Heritage Tours

    Madras Musings Heritage Tours to commemorate Madras Week Saturday 18th August – 6.00 am – Tracing the old fort wall of Madras. Tour by van and foot for two hours, followed by breakfast. Guide: Sriram V, Charges : Rs 600 per head. Sunday 19th August – 6.30 am – The vanished and surviving theatres of…

  • The Jet-Setting Maharani from Alwarpet

    Maharajah Surya Rao and Maharani Chinnamma Roads are two innocuous streets in Alwarpet commemorating the Rajah of Pithapuram and his wife. If his full name had been inscribed it would have required several signposts, for he was Meherban-i-Dostan Sri Maharaja Ravu Venkata Kumara Mahipathi Surya Rao Bahadur Garu, Sircar, Rajahmundry Sircar and Maharajah of Pithapuram,…