Heritage Tour of Pudukottai
The fortress and temple at Thirumayam

Join us on a Heritage Tour of Pudukottai.

Why Pudukottai?

The name is startling – New Fort. And yet it is one of the oldest settled areas of what is today Tamil Nadu. The Pudukottai region has been home for centuries, its caves probably giving the first shelters. The rocks provided enough and more material for stone temples, Jain beds, cave paintings and carvings. Pudukottai is where you find the earliest inscriptions on music, the first complete carving of the Arupathu Moovar and also frescos dating to the 7th century.

From the Jains to the Pallavas to the Cholas and Pandyas and the Vijayanagar rulers, and then the Nayaks, the Setupatis and the Tondaimans, Pudukottai has a continuous narrative. The colonials made the mix even more heady. Add wars, some intrigue, a few Ravi Varmas and plenty of stories, and what more do you need for a heritage tour?

In short, Pudukottai is a place to see, wonder at and spend endless hours discussing over. Handpicked and curated by Sriram V, heritage enthusiast, the tour offers you a guided insight into some aspects of the region.

Join us in exploring Pudukottai.

Details of Tour:

Dates: December 8th to 10th , 2023 (two nights and three days).
Travel: By Flight (Departure from Chennai to Tiruchirapalli on December 8th morning, return to Chennai on December 10th night)
Stay at: Chidambara Vilas
Fare: Land Cost – Rs 40000 /-  inclusive of GST per person, plus airfare based on actuals.

How to book:

Please drop us an email at walks@chennaipastforward.in to inform us of your reservations. A brochure is enclosed for you to share with your friends.

To see a brief video on Thirumayam, which is part of the tour, click here: