A picture of a flooded street in Mylapore, 2021

There are many out there who seem envious of the exalted status that the amateur weathermen of our State enjoy on social media but The Man from Madras Musings has nothing but sympathy for these enthusiasts who have rightfully earned recognition. There is a heavy price to pay for this popularity as is evident from some of the inane queries that they need to answer on a daily basis. During the rainy season, by which MMM means that period of around 45 days in a year when it may rain in Chennai, these questions become a flood and simultaneously reach the pinnacle of stupidity. MMM lists a few below:

1. Will there be school tomorrow?

2. You have mentioned easterlies – what are they? Are they winds from the east?

3. Sir you said it will rain heavily in South Chennai, but does that include CIT Colony second street?

4. Will the rain be the same level as it was in 2015? 

5. On the 16th of December I plan to host an open-air event. I want to know if it will rain. 

6. Sir you said Government has declared holiday today for schools, but does it apply for staff also or only students?

7. My brother has left early this morning and now you say it will rain. How can he come home?

MMM wonders that these people can continue to predict the weather patiently in the face of such a barrage of inanity.