I thought I had put up these links already but in the usual Madras Week madness completely forgot. So here are the updates of (what is still) this fortnight

Madras Inked by Manohar Devadoss and Sujatha Shankar naturally makes it to the front page – this being a superlative book. Our editorial lauds it as the perfect gift to the city for Madras Day. Read

Our second lead, by Varsha Venugopal, is on how the task of vaccination in the state faces many barriers. Read

Short and Snappy has the Man from Madras Musings lamenting on how it has become the easiest thing to host an event virtually, leading to falling standards all around. Read

Padmaja Jayaraman presents the first of a two-part article on the plight of stray dogs in the city. Read

The Quirky Eye of Rags Raghavan has a photo as usual for you to chuckle over. See

Sriram V brings to light the travails of vaccinating in Madras, in 1802, with the Sawmi Naick obelisk as the lost landmark. Read

Karthik Bhatt recounts the history behind two photographs, both taken on August 15 1947, in Madras. Read

Geeta Doctor reviews Nirupama Subramaniam’s book, Murder on the Menu, which traces the rise and fall of Annachi aka P Rajagopal of Saravana Bhavan. Read

Vallabha Srinivasan just returned from the US and has a rib tickling account of her arrival at Chennai airport. Read

V Ramnarayan writes on a Ranji Trophy match in Chennai in 1967/68. Read

Covid has left many people undecided over many things. Some are undecided over Covid itself, as JS Raghavan discovers. Read

Quizmaster VV Ramanan has his usual set of twenty questions – ten on current affairs and ten on Tokyo 2020 over here

Read on!