Chepauk Palace, miniature by Pavithra Srinivasan

The latest update is on the website and the physical copies will soon be reaching the subscribers. The following are the highlights –

The Greater Chennai Corporation, in its latest cosmetic activity has decided to afforest the Perungudi dump yard. There is of course no news on where the garbage will go in future and whether it will be at all scientifically disposed off. Read

A citizens’ panel has written to the High Court on the continued degradation of the Ennore Creek by the North Chennai Thermal Power Corporation despite earlier judgements stipulating the undoing of the damage. Read

The Woman from Madras Musings ponders over domestic help and hairdressers. Read

The father of Rainwater Harvesting in Chennai, Sekhar Raghavan gives us some sage advice on what we ought to be doing to conserve rainwater. Read

July saw Pavithra Srinivasan, translator, writer and miniature specialist passing away at the age of 40. She was a regular contributor to Madras Musings and we pay our tribute, both in Heritage Watch and in a profile of some of her miniatures that we had published in the past, together with her notes.

Three friends of Pavithra – Lalitha Ram, Bina Raju and Tripura Sundari Sevvel pay their tributes. Read

In the second part of her article on the TransCommunity Kitchen that transgenders ran during the second lockdown, Padmaja Jayaraman mulls over steps to improve the conditions of the community. Read

The concluding part of Dr KR Sitalakshmi’s article on Chennai’s architecture as seen through her life is published here

Partab Ramchand writes on the infamous Ranji Trophy final of 1973 when Madras crashed in the finals against Bombay. Read

Quizmaster Ramanan has his twenty questions – the first ten on current affairs and the second ten on water bodies. Attempt them here