Madras Musings

What with the lockdown and other assorted chaos Madras Musings is still available only as an e-edition. You can view the latest updates at

The following are the highlights

Editorial – The High Court has once again instructed the Tamil Nadu Government to set up a Heritage Commission. The last time it did so was in 2010! Here’s our comment on this sad state of affairs

Lock, Unlock, Repeat – A look at what Tamil Nadu and Chennai will need to do to break the Covid chain

Short and Snappy – The Man from Madras Musings expresses his sympathy for the head that wears the er…crown in our State. His (our ruler’s) is no easy task, faced as he is with momentous decisions on the pandemic. MMM also realises that even the most affluent have their problems during the pandemic. Their high-end cars are gnawed by rats.

MM regular Rags Raghavan writes of Luz Corner as seen from a schoolboy’s point of view in the 1960s

Karthik Bhatt, (what would we do without him, the mind boggles) writes on the platinum jubilee of the Vivekananda College and our Heritage Watch features three photos of the main block of this institution, taken in 1946, 1948 and now.

Our tributes section looks at the lives of lawyer and social benefactor C Ramakrishna and the educationist Dr M Anandakrishnan, both of whom passed on recently. The above tributes are courtesy The Industrial Economist. There is addition a second tribute to C Ramakrishna, on his connection with the Music Academy, by Sriram V

V Ramnarayan writes on Swati Tyagarajan of My Octopus Teacher fame and her Chennai connect

Our popular miniature series Pavithra’s Perspective, by Pavithra Srinivasan remembers the trams that once trundled down our city.

Partab Ramchand commemorates the diamond jubilee of Ramanathan Krishnan making it to the semi finals at Wimbledon, the last time an Indian managed the feat.

And quiz by VV Ramanan is themed on Tintin!