Pic taken from http://www.hindustantimes.com and only for representation

A – Atmanirbhar – manage by yourself.

B – bed – something to look forward to at one time but now in short supply

C -comorbidity – what all news channels suffer from

D- doctors – what everyone is, on Covid

E – e pass – like Covid, someone you know has got it

F – fake news – the original Covid

G -gated community – a Covid hotspot

H – hair – what all celebrities have posted photos on Instagram (see I)

I – Instagram – social media platform where celebrities reiterate their existence

J – Jio – like Jeff Bezos, the only thing to do well during Covid

K – Koyamputthoor- a good diversionary tactic

L – lockdown – something that people undergo to give the virus a free run

M – masks – meant to be worn on forehead or around throat

N – new normal – the old abnormal

O -an alphabet the TN Govt made good use of as a diversionary tactic (see K)

P – public – everyone else but me

Q – quarantine – a better option than being admitted to a hospital

R – an alphabet that is lucky to begin your name with – ref Rathayatra, Remdesvir and Reliance

S -sanitiser – the new bathwater

T – twitter – through which our politicians reach out to us during this time of crisis

U – ultraviolet – as per President of the US, shining it through any orifice cured you of Covid (by killing you).

V – ventilator – you close these in homes and offices and get to breathe through them in hospitals

W – WHO, Webinar, WFH – you take your pick. WTF remains a good option for all times.

X – Xi Jinping – harbinger of bad luck

Y – Yoga -the only way to retain sanity

Z – zero cases – a state of Nirvana achieved by New Zealand