My Youtube channel

In the last few weeks I have been making some updates to my YouTube Channel. You can watch the following episodes on it now

Carnatic Music

Purandara Dasa and the Yantroddharaka Anjaneya Swami Temple, Hampi (music by Ashwath Narayanan)

– Tyagaraja – (ongoing) – a birthday tribute (Music by Amritha Murali)

–  Virinchipuram Margasahayeswarar Temple (Music by Aarathi and Archana)

Tiruvannamalai, where the Lord is fire (Music by Bharat Sundar)

Travelling with Purandara Dasa

Mylapore and its connection with music (music by Amritha Murali)

Shrngaram as seen by Tyagaraja

Women Musicians of the past

Tour of Fort St George – 5 part series (concluded)

Street History of Chennai – 2 episodes (ongoing and more will be added)

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