This being the 150th year of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, we at Madras Musings did a photo feature on the places associated with him in the city. This is not a complete list and we welcome feedback on other locations. The places featured below are spots that the Mahatma visited and does include memorials to him, of which there are quite a few in the city.

The Hindu Theological School, Mint Street

The Hindu Theological (now Higher Secondary) School, Mint Street, which he visited in 1896. The facade is much changed now.








The YMCA, Esplanade, where he spoke in 1915 at the McConnaughy Hall





The VP Hall where he attended a staging of Harischandra by the Suguna Vilasa Sabha troupe in 1915







Pachchayappas Hall








Pachayappa’s Hall, where he spoke in 1915


Lawley Hall

Lawley Hall, owned by the Anjuman-i-Himayat-Islam, where he spoke in 1915 






Why can waterbodies such as the Spur Tank not be harnessed for water conservation? Pic by V Ganesan

The Spur Tank (above) where he attended the All India Congress Session 1927



The YMIA Gokhale Hall, where he spoke several times, the first being in 1915


My Ladye’s Garden, People’s Park, where he addressed the Madras Bar Association in 1915. He was also accorded a civic welcome in the 1930s here by the Corporation of Madras

The Ashok Pillar at My Ladye’s Garden
Marker outside Fortune Hotel, pic courtesy The Hindu









Marker outside Fortune Hotel, Cathedral Road, commemorating Gandhi’s stay at Tilak Bhavan in 1919, when he dreamt up non-cooperation as a weapon for freedom


The Ramakrishna Mission Students Home that Gandhi visited in 1915 and 1925





Tilak Ghat


Tilak Ghat, now Thilakar Thidal on the Marina, where Gandhi addressed the public on numerous occasions


Offices of GA Natesan and Co, George Town

The offices of GA Natesan and Co, George Town, where Gandhi stayed in 1915








Patters Gardens

Patters Gardens, Royapettah, when it was the residence of Lodd Govinddoss. Gandhi visited here in 1915. It has since been demolished. The Congress Party’s Satyamurti Bhavan occupies a part of the grounds

Gandhi commemorative plaque at Central Station, pic courtesy Varsha Venugopal


The plaque at Central Station that commemorates his numerous arrivals and departures by train



No 100, Mount Road. 

The offices of The Hindu – No 100, Mount Road, since demolished. Gandhi visited in 1921 and unveiled a portrait of Kasturi Ranga Iyengar here




Unity House, Perambur, pic courtesy Ramanujar Moulana

Unity House, Perambur, offices of the then M&SM Railway Union. Gandhi laid its foundation stone in 1927








Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, pic courtesy Ramanujar Moulana



Mahatma Gandhi was the founder of this institution and he also laid the foundation stone of its present premises in 1946



Foundation stone of the Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, pic courtesy Ramanujar Moulana




Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, foundation stone laid by Gandhi in 1946



Several other locations are either untraceable or have been demolished leaving no photographs. These include the Madras Mahajana Sabha’s old premises, Amjad Baugh, the Lakshmi Memorial Arya Pathashala and the Arya Vaisya Mahasabha.