Chepauk Palace, miniature by Pavithra Srinivasan

The following are the articles that have appeared in the latest issue of Madras Musings

  1. Editorial – The City has begun celebrating but is it enough? 
  2. Lead -Madras Week, What to expect this year
  3. VR Lakshminarayanan – Appointments and Disappointments, the memoirs of an IPS officer
  4. Pavithra’s Perspective – a colour miniature of Chepauk Palace
  5. Lost Landmarks – When stars shone on RK Salai
  6. Nature – The Coppersmith and the Tulip Tree
  7. Obituary – Mrs YG Parthasarathy
  8. Memoir – From Bihar to Chennai, and back 
  9. Sport – Lakshmi Mahadevan at 80
  10. Quiz – with Ram’nan
  11. Short and Snappy

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