Chepauk Palace, miniature by Pavithra Srinivasan

The following are the articles that have appeared in the latest issue of Madras Musings

  1. Editorial РThe City has begun celebrating but is it enough? 
  2. Lead -Madras Week, What to expect this year
  3. VR Lakshminarayanan – Appointments and Disappointments, the memoirs of an IPS officer
  4. Pavithra’s Perspective – a colour miniature of Chepauk Palace
  5. Lost Landmarks – When stars shone on RK Salai
  6. Nature – The Coppersmith and the Tulip Tree
  7. Obituary – Mrs YG Parthasarathy
  8. Memoir РFrom Bihar to Chennai, and back 
  9. Sport – Lakshmi Mahadevan at 80
  10. Quiz – with Ram’nan
  11. Short and Snappy

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