I just cannot believe it that we pulled it off. With record participation, I was increasingly apprehensive as the war clouds loomed and it appeared that our Lucknow tour was going to come a cropper. Fortunately for us, everything went off well. Lucknow put out its best colours – in terms of weather, food, monuments, the really helpful e-motorcycle and rickshaw operators, our friendly local guides and of course the magnificent Taj Mahal, Gomti Nagar and the mind-blowing La Martiniere school. When it came to shopping let me say that every rickshaw puller and auto driver appeared to know that we were a gang foraging shop after shop. The Lucknow economy has received a boost in the last four days.

Many thanks to everyone for everything. And of course, Indigo for reaching us and bringing us back. Above all, heartfelt thanks to all the participants.

Prithvi Chandrashekar has put together this collage of pics taken by him during the tour