Kumbhakonam Rajamanikkam Pillai

Among the many stalwarts that dominated the music world was Sangita Kalanidhi Kumbhakonam Rajamanikkam Pillai. A man who was as large-hearted as his physical frame, he taught many students. Each time one of them performed at a concert and came back he would ask how he, the student, performed.

If the person replied that he played badly there would be a sound ticking off. If they said they performed well he would ask as to how they could certify themselves as good.

Came one December Season and the student thought hard while going back home from a concert. When the inevitable question was asked, he replied that those who came had said that he, the student, had performed well.

Rajamanikkam Pillai smiled. “Good,” he said, and then added -“It is best to start performing well when the audience is still thinking so.”

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