I have featured my native village of Pathai earlier on this blog. But each time I go there, I am stunned by the amount of natural beauty the place has to offer. This time I was not my usual energetic self – I was ill to begin with and became ‘iller’ and then progressively ‘illest’. But I still managed to get around and click some photos. Here they are:

Sunrise near Pathai village, Thirunelveli
A view of the Western Ghats from Pathai village Tirunelveli
Wooden staircase at my village house, Pathai
A bird, whatever its species, that has built its nest in a crevice in our well.
Vasudeva Perumal, Pathai, on Garuda Vahanam
The beautifully renovated Kulashekharanathar Temple, Pathai, Tirunelveli
Kanganan Kulam, Pathai, Tirunelveli
Kulashekharanathar temple, Pathai, set against the western ghats and fields, as seen from the Kulashekhara Nangai temple