Last month I had the wonderful opportunity of going with a group of musicians, music lovers and journalists to Kanchipuram on a heritage tour dedicated to DK Pattammal. We went to Damal, saw the hereditary house of the Pattammal family, went to the house in Thumbavanam Agraharam, Kanchi, where she grew up, saw the school where she studied and also a couple of other places.

Meenakshi of Mangayar Malar who had come along, asked me if I could write a piece devoted to Pattammal’s early years in music, for her magazine which was planning a special edition on the singer. I agreed and when she asked if I could write in Tamil, I said yes. It was only later that I realised that my writing skills in that language were pretty poor though I can read it very well. But I did not give up. Having downloaded the font, I managed to sweat my way through. I am sure the magazine must have had to edit and spruce it up quite a bit, especially when it came to usage of ற் and ர் and also some other aspects of grammar that have always been puzzling to me. But anyway, here it is – in four scanned images.

Article on Pattammal in Mangayar Malar, page 1

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