I missed most of the events this year, including can you believe it, VrShabha vAhanam, thEr, arupattu mUvar, bhikshATanar and KalyANam. But I did make it to a procession I have never seen before. This is the final event in the ten day festival when Kapali comes out after His wedding, on top of the KailAsa vimAnam.

Kapali on Kailasa vAhanam, March 31, 2018

The front of the vAhanam has Ravana, playing the Veena with one of his heads serving as the yALi. The rear is like a hill on which there are several deities depicted in stucco. Kapali is of course newly wed and you can see the radiance on His face.

Kapali on Kailasa vAhanam, March 31, 2018

Karpagambal as the shy bride is something else altogether. The nAgar jaTai can be seen in this photo.

Karpagambal, March 31, 2018

The procession has the other three of the Panchamurthis – Ganesa, Singaravelar and Chandikeswarar.

Singaravelar, Mylapore, March 31, 2018

Also, unlike the other events of this festival, this one has just one Mukhanool vINai played as musical accompaniment. With that the curtains come down on this festival. There will Of course be a weeklong programme of music and dance to follow.