Posters on Greenways Road

Continuing from the earlier write up on Chennai’s love affair with posters, the Man from Madras Musings notes that the High Court’s attempt at banning them have come to nought. And, so, ‘sucks to the High Court of Madras,’ they seem to say. The judgement banning the putting up of posters and hoardings on public spaces and private walls lasted less than the time that posters and hoardings remain. What with the political parties, the administration which is such a handmaiden to the first named, and the print media (which is another offender in this regard) all ganging up to represent as to why such an order went against the very principle of fundamental liberty, it seemed inevitable. Those whose properties stand defaced thus, evidently don’t matter. But that, as The Man from Madras Musings notes, never was a consideration.

No doubt emboldened by the lifting of the ban, everyone is back in business. Tweedledum and Tweedledee, who had set out to battle following the departure of their mum, having since buried their hatchet and been smoking the pipe of peace, are letting all and sundry know about it by means of posters. No doubt accurately monitored by the guidelines of the Weights and Measures Act, these posters give equal importance to both. They are shown holding hands, waving to the lay public and when not so occupied, paying obeisance to the late lamented duo, one the creator and the other the preserver of the party.

Son rise party too has much to rejoice. Truth, they feel, has been upheld in the matter of the great scam over which at least two of their leaders were likely to come to grief. A Daniel come unto justice, cry their posters, what with the Judge letting off the two leaders and declaring them pure as driven snow. In this connection MMM notes that the posters in Chennai only laud the distaff of the two accused. What of the so-called kingpin? Why is he not feted? That is a mystery. MMM assumes posters in his praise are up at his (king’s) native village.

Also in celebratory mood is Truly Troublesome Victor, who having contested elections in a pressure cooker of a situation has emerged like a jet of steam from aforesaid cooker, complete with three triumphant whistles. Posters laud him as the deity of charity, no doubt recalling the largesse that he is alleged to have distributed or at least promised to distribute. His victory was a blow to all the aforementioned celebrants, especially son rise party which came a cropper. Son 2 has since accused Son 1 of being the prime reason for the miserable outcome. MMM thinks that another Tweedledum vs Tweedledee situation is arising.

Whatever it is, 2018 promises to be a good year for those in the poster printing industry, ditto the banner raising industry, the sidewalk digging industry and the road repair work industry. Tamil Nadu shines.