The approach to Tiruvottriyur Temple
Tiruvottriyur Temple gopuram
Forecourt, Tyagaraja shrine
Horse rider, Tyagaraja shrine, Tiruvottriyur
Tantra worship – Tyagaraja shrine, Tiruvottriyur
Rajendra Chola’s gajaprShTa vimana, Adipuriswarar temple
DvArapAlaka to PuTriDamkONDAr shrine, Tiruvottriyur
EkapAda murthy, Adipuriswrar shrine
Tiruvottriswarar Sannadhi
GajaprShTa Vimana of Adipuriswara, seen from the Bhairava shrine. Under the pandal is the entrance to Vatta Parai amman shrine
Manmatha, Vasantha Mandapam, Tiruvottriyur
Vasantha Mandapam, Tiruvottriyur
The Vijayanagar style entrance to Tyagaraja shrine
Some kogul here
Tank inside temple
The dried up tank, now a playground
The Annamar shrine, North Mada Street. A frieze showing people offering their heads.
Probably the only Temple to a human faced Nandi. Worshipped and endowed by Bangalore Nagarathnamma
Land that was once owned by the Nandi temple/mutt
The Chettiyar sponsored chattiram, Tiruvottriyur
Tiruvottriyur Temple market