Demonetisation heritage tour
Demonetisation heritage tour

Cash, Panam, Duddu, Money, Money – a Demonetisation Heritage Tour And so, the debate on demonetisation rages on. During this time, why don’t we take a walk down the monetary history of Madras – from the times of the varAhan, the cash, the fanam, the duDDu, the dumree, the dubs, the hoon, the pagoda (all of them – 3 Swami, Swami, MM, Star, Arcot, Arnee, St Thomas… the list goes on), the anna, the pice, the OTTai kAlaNa, the paisa, the naya paisa, the rupee…

We have had a long and colourful history with our currency. Let us take a walk down Mint Street (where else), to explore the heritage of money in Madras, the problems it created, the communities it brought in, and the men (and women) it made famous/infamous.

Come and join historian Sriram V on a walk down money lane. The tour begins at 6.00 am on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at Mint Street. The exact location will be intimated later by email. The tour, by foot, will last two hours and will end with breakfast. Charges: Rs 600 per head. To join, click here
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We are not accepting cash in Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 notes. And if you bring Rs 2,000 notes, remember that you need to bring two others and the balance Rs200 can be kept in credit in your account for future walks.

Look forward to seeing you on December 4