img_1406This is the book that came home last week. Produced by J Ramanan and Vrinda, a couple from Trichy and both of whom I know. They are avid mountaineers and photographers when Ramanan is not busy being an architect.

Srirangam always has a special place in my heart. The very idol of Sri Ranganatha, shiny black, with lovely large eyes, and lying with one shoulder most beautifully curved so that you can see him whole, is one that I think of almost every day. That is when I am not thinking of Dikshitar or Vasanthakumari or Semmangudi or Sanjay or Sri Parthasarathy of Triplicane, all of whom appear at least once in my thoughts on a daily basis. That is when I am not thinking of PG Wodehouse.

This is a most lavish production. The book, in hardcover, has some stunning photographs and a detailed text that covers not only the history of the temple but also its daily routine. I am yet to read it fully but from what little I have seen it is a most valuable addition to my library. I look forward to many evenings of poring over its pages. It also has articles by two of my favourite scholars – Prema Nandakumar and Dr Chithra Madhavan.

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