And so it happened. 62 of us took of us walked around Gemini aka Anna Flyover yesterday to trace its heritage. It was a large gathering, large enough to make the security guards at the US Consulate think that we were a threat! We therefore decided to move on at rapid speed.

The rest of the walk involved nearby Cathedral Road and took place at a more sedentary pace. We covered the flyover, the equestrian statues, the US Consulate, Semmozhi Poonga (where we should have stood for a minute to mourn the passing of Woodlands Drive In), Rane Madras, the Agri Horticultural Society Gardens, St George’s Cathedral, the US  Consulate (yes, we did), Sundaram Avenue and then finally The Park where we looked at the property’s long history – stretching back to 1822!

Lots of stories of Gemini Studios and SS Vasan were part of the walk. And the evergreen one about Mrs Napier and Mr Elliot.  The Park, which commemorates the Gemini heritage in decor, had a lovely  spread and many thanks to the team there for all the hospitality.

Pics courtesy: Sreemathy Mohan, Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy

Research assistance: Karthik A Bhatt 


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